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Benefits of Using Drones in Construction

Real estate marketing has seen sweeping changes in recent years with the growing power of the internet and social media. Online listings now generate most of the leads. Almost every prospective buyer begins their search online. So, wouldn't you want to stand out from the crowd by adapting and taking advantage of modern-day technology?


Embrace the emerging drone technology in real estate! It is now becoming a minimum requirement for this market. It is now capturing the MLS and agent websites with its dramatic and powerful images. Don’t get left behind! Help set the stage for more client engagement and higher number of sales within shorter periods of time.

Capture your audience with dramatic aerial videos that highlight the uniqueness of your listings! Aerial images can give a perspective like none other. Drone videography can emphasize the larger context of the home with movie studio quality fly throughs at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography. Seize the power of visual marketing in catching the attention of today’s property buyers.


Virtual tours are taking the stage in real estate marketing. Potential clients are now able to feel as if they are actually walking around the different properties without even taking a step out of their own home or realtor’s office. Videography increases the number of properties each client can tour, saving time and money while increasing the chances of a sale. Clients are coming to expect this feature in the high-end home market. It is critical to engage the modern home buyer with the same technology that they so readily use.


Here are the reasons to invest in drone technology in real estate marketing:


1. Drone footage can highlight property features that are unnoticed from the ground as well as giving the larger context of the property in the surrounding community.

2. They can capture dramatic footage from a previously unseen perspective.

3. Drones can provide a cost-effective method to capture virtual tours that are awe inspiring and that emotionally connect the client to the property.

4. Using drones will demonstrate to prospective clients that you are on the cutting edge and eager to highlight their home to the best of your ability.

5. The use of drones in the real estate market have been proven to sell homes 38% faster and for over 5% more.

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